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Get Ready to:

  • Increase Clicks To Your Amazon Aff Links Without Lifting A Finger
  • Generate Thousands Of Pages Of Google Loving Content Automagically On Your "Money" Sites
  • Remove The Content Guesswork Through Keyword Automation And Targeting
  • Fire Your Virtual Assistant While GETTING MORE DONE With A Software Based Solution
  • Automagically "Build" Your Banners, Affiliate Links, And Amazon Stores Without Any Prior Knowledge Of HTML/CSS/PHP Or Any Extra Effort
  • And Much, Much, More...


From: Martin & Abhi

To: YOU If You Want To Squeeze MORE Money From Amazon WITHOUT Having To Turn Out New Content For Your Money Sites...

Dear Amazon Affiliate,

We want to share with you an AMAZING success story... of how one newbie followed a very simple business model, took action, and made over £100 in just 24 hours... from scratch!

But first...

Let us ask you a few questions...

  • Are you 100% satisfied and certain that you have EVERYTHING you need to make the ABSOLUTE most money from your Amazon Affiliate business that you can?
  • Are you confident in your automation processes and overnight growth of your Affiliate blog empire? (Are you even doing this right now in your business?)
  • Are you certain that you are doing EVERYTHING you can to squeeze those extra profits out of Amazon?
  • Are you building an Amazon Affiliate business based off of what others have told you... or are you using your own knowledge and understanding to create your affiliate commission empire?

If you feel good about your answers, then you can ignore my offer today... you won't find anything here to help you. But if you are NOT 100% sure about your answers to these questions, then we have JUST what you need!

This may be the most profitable site you visit all year...

What 3 Years And Thousands Of Customers Taught Us About Making Money On Amazon


How One Newbie Shocked The World By Proving Us Right

I have always been a believer in the mantra, "Work SMARTER, not HARDER"...

And back in 2011 we put that to the test.

You see, we were noticing that for every 100 people who were trying to make money online using the Amazon Associate program, maybe only 1 or 2 were actually making a decent return on their investment of time, energy, and money.

It didn't take long before we realized WHY!

To make money with the Amazon Associate program you have to do a TON of work upfront... for FREE!

So, here you had all of these marketers busting their BUTTS doing things like:

  • Keyword research
  • Buying and setting up domains
  • Creating content for those sites (nearly 80% of the work right there...)
  • Building the Amazon stores ON those sites
  • Setting the affiliate links up
  • Putting up banners
  • And the FINALLY getting to the traffic generation and SEO portion of the whole deal...

By the time these poor newbies got this stuff done... MONTHS had gone by...

So, naturally, 99 out of 100 who started... quit.

Just Too Much Work For Such Little Reward

That's why in 2011 we released the plugin WP Dollar.

This simply plugin wiped out over 80% of the work needed to be successful with the Amazon Associates program. It automated things people thought couldn't be automated... it built things via software that people thought could only be accomplished with manual labor... and it literally BUILT Amazon Associate empires overnight.

Needless to say... it was a hit. It sold over 1,000 units in the first 24 hours.

Since then we have seen HUNDREDS of marketers putting WP Dollar to WORK in their Amazon Affiliate business... and seeing HUGE results...

Some are making an Amazon Affiliate income FULL-TIME.

Some have added a steady, and consistent SECOND INCOME to their bottom line by using this simple plugin.

And others have used this plugin to launch their DREAM BUSINESS... by automating the entire thing...

But here's the coolest part...

Complete Newbies Are Making Income
Boosting CASH By Simply "Plugging It In"

There was one case back in 2011 we remember in particular... just because it was so incredible!

This person was a complete newbie to the Amazon Affiliate business model. They had been a long time customer, had some money here and there, but what they REALLY wanted was to turn Amazon into their main earner.

When we launched the plugin back in 2011, we had so much success that the servers just crashed... people were getting really upset... we almost had to shut the whole thing down... but fortunately, this ONE person didn't give up... they waited until things were back up and running, and then they hit that BUY button...

24 hours later they posted this in the thread:

Originally Posted by dublindawn

I am now up to 34 sales thanks to this plugin. Just a little over £100 in commission.

This Thing ACTUALLY Works!

But the cool part was... even though this particular person sticks out in my mind... there were HUNDREDS of others who had success within just DAYS of picking this plugin up...

And because we had so many AMAZING customers picking this up... we started to get incredible feedback for how this thing could be even BETTER!

Just Look For Yourself At These Incredible
Results And Customer Feedback We Received

Originally Posted by blueberrydomain

OMG!! I said I wasn't going to buy anything this week... But I can't just pass this up.

Originally Posted by smartsites

This looks awesome.

Originally Posted by matthattan

Bought a Developer License. Two things - first, Marty overdelivers on products. Second, Amazon is one of the top brands on the internet for marketers. If you are serious about building an internet business, then you are selling on Amazon. we hesitated and the price went up in the time it took to watch the video. I recommend this WSO 100%. Have purchased form Marty before - I'll say it again , he overdelivers.

Originally Posted by Gary King


If Martin (Icun) puts something out, then just buy it.

I've seen his work time and time again. It's gold.

I've talked to him time and time again. He's got a heart of gold.

Grab this and start lining your pockets with Gold. ;-)

OFFLINERS: By the way, this could be used to monetize your client's web sites too - how much would the LOVE

you for that?

Another Excellent Offer Martin!

All success,


Originally Posted by RedScissors

Wow, Martin,

I love this Amazon plugin ... and I've seen, collected and used every one we can get my hands on. The manual is well done and easy to follow and this is truly the all-in-one Amazon plug-in that looks great and works perfectly.

Thanks for another great offer!


Originally Posted by philipkrick

I own every imaginable Amazon plugin. This one, I am happy to report, is extremely well thought and can be put to excellent practical use. The developer's license makes this plugin an awesome value, since everybody else selling Amazon plugins seems to want an arm and a leg for developer's rights.

Thank you very much for putting so much thought into this plugin. It's going to make our lives a whole lot easier!

When You Look At These Results,
Doesn't It Make Sense To Take Action --
Right Away!

3 years ago we had NO IDEA that this plugin was going to REVOLUTIONIZE the way that marketers attacked the Amazon business model.

And while Version 1.0 made a TON of money for a TON of marketers... 3 years is a LONG time... things change... industries evolve... technology gets BETTER!

And that is why, after ANOTHER full year of development, WP Dollar is BACK... with a completely NEW and IMPROVED set of features that is going to make you a TRUCKLOAD of Amazon cash!

Introducing: WP Dollar v. 2.0

"The Plugin That Changed The Game Is Back For More"


Want to automate your entire Amazon Associate business with a plugin that you can set up in LESS THAN 4 simple steps?

Are you ready to generate TRAFFIC SUCKING content without having to type a SINGLE word of it yourself?

Tired of the meticulous and BORING task of slapping your affiliate links in the "right spot" across your websites?

Do you want to be able to set up 5, 10, or even 15 BRAND NEW money making Amazon "money" sites... PER HOUR?

If So... You Are One Click Away From Making It All Happen!

Check It Out In Action

WP Dollar 2.0 - Single Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Multi Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Developer Site License
(use on 1 site only)
(use on unlimited sites you own)
(use on unlimited sites you own and client sites)

Here's A Sample Of What You'll
Be Able To Do With WP Dollar


Feature #1 - Automated Text Ads

How would you like to automate your income?

With the Automated Text Ads feature... you can!

Using the powerful Intelligent Product Selection system built into the plugin, WP Dollar v. 2.0 hand selects the highest converting offers and automagically populates your site with these offers!

Now, you no longer have to do product research, manually set up an Amazon store on your site, or worry about low converting offers... the plugin does it all for you!

PLUS: These features are 100% customizable. You can change the placement, the style, and even change what types of products the plugin pulls!

Income on autopilot v. 2.0!

Tech Details:

  • Multiple (8) Display Positions
  • Unlimited Customization Options
  • Intelligent Product Selection
  • All The Amazon Canvas Sizes
  • Unlimited Campaigns

Feature #2 - Automated Review Post Ads


This single feature will save you 80% of your time, and nearly 98% of your marketing budget.

No longer will you have to bang out boring review articles... or HIRE someone to write them...

No longer will you have to come up with content ideas... or HIRE someone to do it for you...

This plugin generates ALL that and more... AUTOMAGICALLY!

By pulling the BEST content from across the web, this plugin creates Google LOVING, SEO friendly, curated content... automatically... while you sleep/sip martinis on the beach...

If you have been dreaming of owning a lifestyle business where technology replaces the hard work you have to do... then THIS is where that dream starts to become a reality!

Tech Details:

  • Unlimited Customization Option
  • Content Curation With Amazon
  • Bing Images
  • Ezine Articles
  • Youtube & Twitter For Product Post Creations
  • Option To Automatically Schedule & Create 100s Of Posts
  • Option To Select Multiple Products And Schedule Them For Publishing
  • Unlimited Campaigns

Feature #3 - Automated InText Ads


By now, you should know that some of the highest converting Amazon affiliate links are those that are placed WITHIN text.

Using the Intelligent Product Selection system built within the program, and a highly secret "display mouse over" feature, WP Dollar v. 2.0 will AUTOMAGICALLY create in text affiliate links... on content that you have curated!

In other words...

  • Step 1: The Plugin Curates Content (while you sleep)
  • Step 2: The Plugin Inserts Affiliate Links To High Converting Offers (while you sleep)
  • Step 3: You profit (while you sleep)

If this doesn't get you excited about making money with Amazon... then NOTHING will!

Tech Details:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Intelligent product selection
  • Display mouse hover ads on selected keywords by the admin

Feature #4 - Customizable Banner Ads


Don't forget your banner ad spots!

WP Dollar v. 2.0 allows for fully customizable, rotating banner ads to be inserted into your site at the click of a button!

You can choose from 8 different places within your site to show the banners (good for split testing) and you can even use the banner slots to insert code of your own (you tricky little programmer you...)

Tech Details:

  • 8 Different Display Positions
  • Unlimited Customization Option
  • Banner Rotation
  • Use Any Type Of Code (Not Limited To Displaying Banners Only)
  • Unlimited Campaigns

Feature #5 - Sneaky Automatic 404 Display Ads

Want to turn "technical difficulties" into MORE opportunities for money?

Now you can!

With WP Dollar v. 2.0 every time one of your visitors lands on a 404 page, they will see Amazon Ads with YOUR affiliate link embedded inside! Now, instead of visitors clicking AWAY from your site... then click THROUGH to your offers!

Tech Details:

  • When A 404 Page Is Encountered
  • Amazon Ads Are Displayed Related To The Search Term

Feature #6 - SEOs

WP Dollar v. 2.0 wouldn't be completscreenshot05 WITHOUT the incredibly powerful SEO features that we have included.

Now you can rank your "money" sites JUST ON CURATED CONTENT!

Control things like:

  • Keyword optimization per post
  • Meta Keywords
  • And much, much more...

Not only is WP Dollar v. 2.0 so amazing because it auto-generates content for you... but NOW it auto-ranks your sites too!

Tech Details:

  • Multiple Seo Features
  • Link Cloaking

Feature #7 - Widgets

This time we are bringing the heat with a feast of actionable widgets that you can command and control at will!

Utilize the most current in Amazon widget technology to add ADDITIONAL features to this already game changing plugin... and watch your commissions soar!

Tech Details:

  • Top Seller Widget
  • Carousel Widget
  • Amazon Search Widget

What Makes WP Dollar v. 2.0
So Different From Other Amazon Plugins?

Hard Work Alone Won't Make You Rich. WP Dollar Can!

  • WP Dollar makes your job simple.
  • WP Dollar makes your job less frustrating.
  • WP Dollar makes your job more enjoyable.
  • WP Dollar makes your job more profitable.

There isn't another plugin on the PLANET that does what WP Dollar can for you and your business! With the extensive list of automated features you are not only cutting down on wasted time, potential outsourcing costs, and possible mistakes... you taking ACTION (that all important ingredient to success) WITHOUT having to lift a finger!

No other plugin will do that for you. we guarantee it.

"We DARE you to look around and find a similar plugin with that same feature set – because we KNOW you won't find one. WP Dollar is simply UNRIVALLED."

Order Now And We Will Throw In A
FREE Developers License!

That's right!

If you order RIGHT NOW you will get a FREE Developers license with the Multi Site license (for a limited time) that you can use in sites you build for clients!

You can use this license to create your very own Amazon Associate site building service, for flipping sites, or EVEN for offline client sites that sell physical products and want to cash in on Amazon commissions!

This is normally $37 - yours... ABSOLULTY FREE with our multi-site license, but only before the special offer launch ends!

It's Decision Time

What Would You Expect To Pay For This
Instant Profit BOOSTING Plugin?

The price is going to surprise you! But first...

Here's a recap of everything you're going to receive:

  • 6 powerful features that AUTOMATE nearly 90% of your Amazon Associate business!
  • UNLIMITED content delivered directly to the sites of your choice!
  • Strategic link placement for MAXIMUM click-throughs and sales!
  • A game changing plugin that puts YOU in the driver seat of your business!
  • Top notch support from an IM professional who CARES about his clients!
  • And much more...
WP Dollar 2.0 - Single Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Multi Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Developer Site License
(use on 1 site only)
(use on unlimited sites you own)
(use on unlimited sites you own and client sites)

Why are we Offering This For such a low price? To Be Honest It's This: we want to "impress" you with an amazing deal today... so when we create future profit generating offers just for you, you'll be much more likely to say yes to them.

Truthfully, we should be asking, much more, because we're handing you your own business on a plate in a way - by using this plugin you will be generating traffic, driving that traffic to affiliate offers, and earning commissions... without lifting a finger!

That's a pretty good deal if you ask me...

YES Martin & Abhi - I'm In!

I understand that we will be getting my own copy of WP Dollar v. 2.0 for just one tiny payment!

I also understand that we will get thorough and kind support from you and your staff should we run into any technical problems... even though this plugin is SUPER easy to work.

I also realize we have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee*

WP Dollar 2.0 - Single Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Multi Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Developer Site License
(use on 1 site only)
(use on unlimited sites you own)
(use on unlimited sites you own and client sites)

24 hours from today, you can be nothing more than 24 hours older or you can be on your way to finally building your own money-getting Amazon Associate empire. You decide!

Save time, save money, and save the headaches of trying to do it all yourself! Invest in WP Dollar v. 2.0 today and enjoy your instant shortcut to online profits...

To order your instant money-getting plugin and receive access in just 3 minutes from now (even if it's 2 a.m. in the morning) place your order now...

P.S. If you are NOT planning to invest in WP Dollar v. 2.0, then please ask yourself this question -- "How will we create what we need to launch a TRUE 6 figure Amazon Associate empire" If you can't answer that, you must order now!

WP Dollar 2.0 - Single Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Multi Site License
WP Dollar 2.0 - Developer Site License
(use on 1 site only)
(use on unlimited sites you own)
(use on unlimited sites you own and client sites)

P.P.S. How much more time and money will you waste trying to do it all yourself? Opportunity is knocking. The time to act is now!


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